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Horaire – Salon du livre de l’Outaouais

Cette fin de semaine, j’aurai le grand plaisir de joindre l’équipe fantastique des Éditions Alire au Salon du livre de l’Outaouais. Si vous y allez, venez me visiter! Je serai au kiosque 111! Jeudi 19h à 20h Vendredi 18h à 19h Samedi 10h30 à 11h30...

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Thankful for Writing

I’m thankful for writing today, on Thanksgiving Day.  So many memes on Facebook say that writing is like pulling out your own eyes and eating them (along those lines, anyway), but I don’t believe that. I’m thankful for writing because of the worlds...

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New Website!

I undertook a social experiment (truly), whereas I accidentally blow up my website, go to a convention, get con plague for three weeks, and see how many people notice that my website is down for a whole month. I’m please to say that 54 people wrote in to tell me...

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