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Congrès Boréal

C’est avec grand plaisir que je partage cette annonce – je serai invitée au magnifique Congrès Boréal! Un gros merci aux organisateurs! (Translation: This is why I’m not at Ad Astra and I’ll miss you all, but these people are also super fun, so...

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Writing the Funny

With each new book I write, I target improving a specific writing skill. With the Destiny series, I pushed my plotting skills. With Nigh, I worked on my language skills (and making it flow all purdy-like). Heirs of a Broken Land was all about characters. With Hellmaw:...

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Hellmaw: HoneyBoy’s Hunt

*clears throat*   I HAVE A NEW STORY OUT!!   *fires glitter cannon*   IT’S AWESOME AND I HOPE YOU’LL GIVE IT A WHIRL!   *explodes three glitter-filled dinosaurs*   IT TAKES PLACE AFTER EYE OF GLASS WHICH I ALSO LOVE!   *sends glitter rocket to detonate in...

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