My website blowing up. More or less.

My website blowing up. More or less.

I undertook a social experiment (truly), whereas I accidentally blow up my website, go to a convention, get con plague for three weeks, and see how many people notice that my website is down for a whole month.

I’m please to say that 54 people wrote in to tell me it was down (thank you all for caring)., My mother was not one of those people who noticed (even though she leaves Roomy notes everywhere when her blog isn’t updated weekly, even though she posts every two weeks, but whatever. We know who the favourite is.)

So, welcome! There are still some things to add and put in. Oh, and ya, I lost my blog archives. So I’m starting fresh!  Annndddd if you were signed up to my RSS feed, you’ll want to do that again.

Oops.  I promise I won’t lose my website again (or at least for a year, anyway!)

Let me know if you’d like me to chat about something in particular on my blog. I’ll consider it…