I haven’t posted my schedule yet! Mind you, I don’t think I’ve even mentioned that I would be at ConFusion in Detroit this weekend, so I’m batting 100% on keeping this an unnecessary secret.  To be fair, I’m really going to stalk my Archivos Podcast co-host, Dave Robison, whom I haven’t seen in way too long!  He’s only a voice to me, now. I may not even recognize his mustache!

Okay, I’d be hard-pressed not to recognize this mustache.

I’m very much looking forward to this con for this, and for many other reasons!  I’ve never been, and I get to road trip with local writing buddies Derek Künsken and Brandon Crilly!  Nothing says con prep like 8 straight hours of karaoke (if I have no voice at the con, you now know why. Derek will have his voice unless he unleashes the karaoke beast within. (Oh please yes.)  As for Brandon?  Only time will tell).

… it’s like I’m set against sharing my schedule. I’m not.  I’m just building anticipation. Or confusion. Whatever.

f you’d like to come hear me squeak out words on panels, I’ll be here:

11am Saturday Isle Royale
Reading: Benjamin C. Kinney, Angus Watson, Marie Bilodeau
3pm Saturday Petoskey
Forgiveness and Redemption Narratives In Genre Fiction Stories of terrible people seeking redemption and making amends can create powerful emotional resonance–but done wrong,  they risk excusing inexcusable behavior. Who are our favorite evildoers turned heroes,  and what makes their redemption work for readers? How do we built satisfying character arcs that end in forgiveness? And what role do race and gender play in redemption narratives?
4pm Saturday Leelanaw
You Got Magic In My Science Fiction!
We’ve developed a variety of labels for works that mix fantastical elements like dragons or magic into science fiction settings like spaceships and sprawling futuristic cities. Does Star Wars’s use of The Force place it in a different part of the Science Fiction canon than Mass Effect’s use of biotics? From a storytelling and world-building perspective, what separates elements with magical trappings from those with science fictional trappings? Should fantasy vs scientific explanations be a purely aesthetic consideration, or does putting magical elements in science fiction meet a specific storytelling need that handwavy science cannot?
5pm Saturday St. Clair
Autograph Session (5 PM)
Come meet your favorite authors, artists and musicians and have them sign things! (Please limit your signing requests to 3 items per person.)
Hope to see you there!