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Emberwind, The Skies of Axia Campaign

I've been having fun playing on Twitch every second Thursday in Emberwind, developed by Nomnivore Games Inc. The world of Emberwind relies on crystals that keep its giant land masses (covered with, you know, cities and people) afloat. No crystal, no floating. No...

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Nevertheless, They Persisted

Nevertheless, They Persisted: Stories of hope. Stories of survival. Stories of finding yourself again. These stories will breathe warmth back into any winter-weary soul, and inspire those looking for a little bit of magic. Two Ottawa Show Times February 12, 7:00-8:45...

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Death Watch

This is a true and rather dark personal tale of a Christmas Eve haunting.  It's not always funny. Someone dies. There is scarring. It's like a big nuke bomb right into your Christmas Cheer. It may have aftershocks. But, I haven't publicly talked about my stepmother's...

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Ottawa Library (Free!) Workshops

I announced yesterday on social media that I was offering a writing workshop at the Rideau Branch, about 20 minutes before said workshop started. (Good marketing is I.) This is me trying to do this better, and here are the upcoming workshops! Sunnyside, 1049 Bank St.,...

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Congrès Boréal

I'll be at the Congrès Boréal this weekend, with lots of other cool people.  Le congrès est surtout en français, but they have a strong English programming track, so don't be shy to join the fun even if French isn't your forte!  I'll be there in both official...

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Salon du livre de l’Outaouais

Le Salon du livre de l'Outaouais aura lieu cette année du 1 au 4 mars, et je serai de retour au kiosque des Éditions Alire!  Venez me dire bonjour et compléter votre trilogie de Mirial. Bien hâte de vous y voir! HORAIRE JEUDI 19h à 20h VENDREDI 18h à 19h SAMEDI 10h30...

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